Welcome to my ePortfolio

Welcome to my “electronic portfolio” or ePortfolio – a virtual space which encapsulates the learning achieved, experience acquired, and products developed during my master’s program at the School of Information Sciences, College of Communication & Information, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville (UTK).

This ePortfolio is an evidence-based presentation of my work in library and information sciences (LIS) and strongly reflects my passion for and knowledge of music and arts-related information. Included are a reflective summary of my learning goals and achievements, a definitive essay on three core knowledge concepts, descriptions of personal experiences and professional products depicting some of my competencies in information science, and a projection of my career objectives.

I have chosen three core knowledge concepts to highlight in my ePortfolio: Digital Curation, Preservation, and Archiving. These concepts are central to information sciences practices as well as to music librarianship, and they are equally anchored by considerations of Access and Pedagogy – two broader concepts within LIS.

This site also provides overviews describing my internships at the United States Library of Congress and at the Knoxville Museum of Art; sketches of my experience working as a student library assistant for the George F. DeVine Music Library at UTK are included, as well.  My blog and résumé, too, are available for review, highlighting additional skills and experiences.

Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio.  Please contact me at any time.